Motor Insurance


    We offer motor insurance for a wide range of vehicles at affordable rates..
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    Marine Insurance


    Marine insurance was originally for perils which caused loss or damage to a ship’s cargo..
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    Engineering Insurance


    We have excellent insurance cover for engineered infrastructure.
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    Accidents Insurance


    Many insurances which are not predominantly fire, motor, engineering or marine, are termed ‘accident’ insurance
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    Fire Insurance


    The Corporation provides a number of insurance contracts to cater for specific situations within the umbrella of Fire Insurance
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About Professional Insurance Zambia

Professional Insurance Corporation Zambia PLC is the largest and steadily growing insurance company in the private sector in Zambia today. At the core of the company is a strong team of professionals who have the expertise and experience in the management of all classes of insurance both in the domestic and international market.

Professional Insurance today enjoys the trust and confidence of thousands of individual customers, local and foreign companies, multinationals, banks, NGOs, government and Parastatal bodies, learning institutions and other clientele. Serviced by twelve branches and six mobile offices, they are reached all across Zambia. At Professional Insurance we always endeavour to keep pace with Information Technology. The Company also lays much emphasis on human resources development and training, a policy that has facilitated the upgrading of manpower through growth from within.

Professional Insurance enjoys the support of the world class reinsurers Munich Re, Swiss Re, Hannover Re, GIC of India and the regional reinsurance groups, namely Africa Re, PTA Re and Zam Re for reinsurance arrangements.

The Corporation was established in 1992 and the spirit of achievement is high in the heart of every individual at Professional Insurance. Professional Insurance is however not complacent and will continue to strive for improvements in all its operations and governance in order to achieve the highest quality service to its customers. The Corporation wishes and intends to truly live up to its new image such that its customers will always say Professional Insurance; “A Wise Choice!”


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